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Jan 31, 2013

New Campaign: Leopold Rocks, but Memy Sucks

On February 4 Guy announced a new video campaign that it can go with GoAnimate-only animations versus TheWarren1995 and his fans, like IamMemy9909 and more. People should see the same look, but instead of "guyisbackable - Animations", you will see "Day ? of the new campaign" from February 4 until April 1, where in this date the campaign should end, and you will see back "guyisbackable - Animations" in white letters just again! It will also go with Leopold, Hitler, The Short Guy Show episodes and more stuff on the whole web of Guy. From Memy to goodies, jacob21703, a guy which will call me "Super Tails", and people who love me except Computerzrul2011, IamMemy9909 and TheWarren1995. The current avatar of the channel will be kept. More 2002KidsChannel will always go into our friending.

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