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Jan 5, 2013

Forgive guy9374, Know the guyisbackable?

Update (Dec 6, 2015): You are reading the first post of Guy's Blog. This article may contain little bad grammar due to Guy's age at the time.

October 26 saw the reopening of Guy's appearance on YouTube with a newly opened channel called guyisbackable. With a new look, new name, new everything! guy9374 was opened on January 24 or 26. On these days, January 24, 25 and 26, guyisbackable celebrates the 1st anniversary of his appearing. During January 24, he will post a video called Anniversary in Action. Everybody cannot dislike, they can like only.


From Guy's boredom, the channel on YouTube called guy9374 was opened on January 24 or 26, 2012 and lasted until August 20, which in that day the channel must be closed. It reached over 100 videos, 50 subscribers and 5,000 views.

Reopening as guyisbackable

Guy's mom gave a permission for an account re-opening. Instead of the name guy9374, the word "guy" stayed and the numbers "9374" were replaced by the words "is", "back" and "able" together non-spaced.

Guy was popularized as guy9374 and the name stays all time.

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