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Jan 14, 2013

guy9374 Productions Became PSYFan Pictures and the guy9374 Network Becomes guyisbackable TV

This year, the 2013, is the end of the guy9374 name. It's just more remaining the guy9374 Network with the same name, and as from September 9, it is guyisbackable TV. If you go to channel 10 from September 9, you will no longer see the guy9374 Network.

We agreed PSYFan Pictures is the new name for the company guy9374 Productions. It is just a new name era and the copyright is still kept of 2012: meaning we forgot to change.

The populated 2012 is still the year of founding of the guy9374 name.

Everything must come to the end.

But we have still the guy9374 Network and lasts until September 9th.

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