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Mar 19, 2013

New: The guy9374 Network HD

Guy has a 10-year old broadcasting continuosly television network 24 hours a day. For the time that people have HDTVs in 2013, Guy is forced to launch the HD simulcast of his network, the guy9374 Network. The guy9374 Network HD is the same program as the guy9374 Network, mainly broadcasting sports at the times we sleep (from 12am to 6am). The test of the program launched in early March 2013, and the full HD simulcast begins in April 1, at the April Fools day.

The logo will be same as the guy9374 Network's, but it may have the long way until the word HD.

Logo will be at the top right corner, with the main network logo just moved on for the letters "HD" to fit on the screen.

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