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May 21, 2013

New corporate identity on guyisbackable from September

Greg Harper and Guy Phatom, controllers of the guyisbackable channel, were announced the new corporate look of the channel which is not changing the Blue Mario avatar or the channel art. This takes place on September 2.

"The second channel is also not changing. The Guy's Google+ account avatar is not changing. We are changing only the cover photo, because the guy9374 Network will not change its logo, but unveil new programs" - said Greg Harper.

Also, new channels to be opened are guyisbackable3 and guyisbackable4. Other channels are said to be taken until the end of the year, or in the January 2014.

On June 4, PSYFan Pictures also announces a new company, named 21st Century Guy. All stuff that are owned by guyisbackable and co. will be owned by the new company. Guy Phatom is the founder. Greg Phatom is the director.

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